Tactics 1 – Humor

Principle: since we are not in a position of strength in society, our best tactic is trolling, or exposing contradictions in our opponents’ views that leave an opening for our own.

Tactic: make jokes that expose these inconsistencies. For example, suppose that you name your favorite musicians as Schubert, Bach, and Brahms, and an annoying SJW friend-of-a-friend asks why your favorite musicians are all dead white males (boo hiss!). You smile and say, “Well, I could have some people of color as my favorite musicians, but I don’t want to engage in cultural appropriation!”

This works because it exposes the manipulative and dishonest nature of your interlocutor’s question, while also pointing out a contradiction in their views and providing a foothold for your views. Your opponent is engaging in a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t gambit, and you’re deflecting it by pointing out what it is.

This is especially effective because humor weakens the boundaries of what is socially acceptable while simultaneously making your counterattack memorable and giving you the tactical social advantage of having “scored a point.” You can press your advantage from there. Remember that Leftists are basically chimps who can’t stand the idea of being unpopular or ostracized (hence their typical tactic of socially ostracizing those who disagree), so if you can out-group them, they’ll fold like cheap suits.