We do not infiltrate Leftist movements or gatherings very often. This may be because of distaste, or timidity, or simple laziness, but it ought to be done. Here are some ideas:

  1. Start a faux-Left blog, i.e. a false flag. Our civilization’s entropy increases incrementally, viz. we die by degrees. The radical liberal idea that makes people vomit today will be contentious tomorrow and on the ballot the day after. The Left knows this, collectively if not individually, and thus regulates their rhetoric, with the really crazy stuff bouncing around in the darkest corners of the internet and suppressed by the moderate liberals, who are not truly moderate but know instinctively that the more radical wing of their movement turns people against them, and suppress that radical wing until such a time as those ideas become acceptable.

    Solution: begin your faux-Leftist blog, and purposefully ramp up the extremism beyond what is acceptable, and argue your point vehemently to slightly more mainstream Leftists, who will then press it to even more mainstream Leftists, and so on, until your extremism echoes up the chain all the way to the mainstream Left. Be smart about it: you want to argue emotionally (since they only understand this) with a thin veneer of reason and empiricism, because sounding smart to your fellow monkeys in order to make them accept your feelings is how Leftists control one another.

    While doing this, construct a blogroll, half of which is as radical as you are pretending to be and half somewhat more moderate. Liberals believe things on the basis of social acceptability among other liberals, so you have to make the more moderate ones feel as if the radical ones outnumber them. As soon as you’ve converted the more moderate ones, ratchet up the extremism. Repeat this process until you’ve turned your friendly neighborhood Gender Studies grad students into frothing-at-the-mouth feminazis, walking stereotypes. Liberals are pliant and malleable, susceptible to social censure. It will be easy.

    If we all do this, it will engender a backlash. Society can tolerate decay at a glacial pace without a backlash, but cannot tolerate decay when it moves fast enough to be noticeable. This tactic will also induce the libbies into acting crazier than they already do, fulfilling the stereotypes that everyone knows to be true but won’t mention in polite company. Mission accomplished.

  2. Go to some Leftist rallies. Social justice, Occupy, whatever you can. Bring your phone with the camera in it. The media will report on “protesters” who are “outraged” at “injustices.” Your job is to take pictures and videos and sound recordings of people doing and saying compromising things. Don’t take it out of context. There is a place for deception, but honesty is more useful here. Someone yelling about killing cops? A sign calling for socialist revolution? Even more – see if you can induce one of the little rat-monkeys to begin rambling about reparations for slavery and the evil nature of white males, or whatever. Now for the deception: be convincing. Wear a shirt with a slogan or a pot leaf or whatever. Look like a hipster. Talk like one. Practice your shit-eating grin. If you’re a white male, practice your simpering validation-seeking presentation. They won’t be able to resist.

    Afterward, don’t publish the results to your right-wing website or your Facebook account, because it will be discounted there. Share them on a newly-created social media account. Better yet, share them on your phony liberal blog, accompanied by an approving post. If you have photos on your phone, send them to like-minded friends, and not-so-like-minded friends. It will have the effect of embarrassing the liberal elements of your social group into shutting up, while nudging those on the fence and incensing the sane ones.

  3. Infiltrate the academy. Love philosophy or English or anthropology, but scared of the liberal viper’s nest that rules the humanities? Dive right in. Fake agreement if you must. Then, you can use a variant of the strategy mentioned in the first point, by driving the radicalization process faster than it can safely go. Or, if you’re brave, push the Leftist viewpoint to the breaking point by advancing its fundamental contradictions to the fore, perhaps while “advocating” for it. This will cause a bit of chaos in whatever sub-sub-sub-field you happen to study. Then, have a conveniently-timed change of heart, and use the aforementioned chaos as an opportunity to turn the whole thing around. Now we have a beachhead.

    Oh, and if you get tenure, don’t forget to take on grad students. Those fragile little budding intellects need guidance, right? The more intelligent ones can probably be cured of the insane presuppositions acquired from growing up in a liberal democracy. Get a few like-minded people in your department.

Remember that none of this happens in isolation. One blog, one infiltrated rally, one right-wing professor, will do nothing. But I am scattering seeds here, not tending to a single flower, if you get my drift.

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