Pitfall: Self-Quarantining

One common complaint I see on internet media is that people of all political persuasions tend to isolate themselves into ideological echo chambers, which shut out dissent and disengage us from reality. There is another side to this, however.

There are plenty of reasonable arguments on alt-right blogs and websites. And yet, nobody listens to them. Why? Because the very fact that you have such a website in your browser history is enough to make people distrust you, and God help you if you link to it on social media. Our society has succeeded in quarantining right wing sentiment into dark corners, where we are allowed to say anything we want but our words cannot reach other people. And even if an opponent or possible ally reads our sites, they will do so through the socially-conditioned filter that has been imposed on them by their upbringing. So, what do we do?

The solution is threefold. These three steps must all be executed at once, but emphasized in chronological order; begin by relying heavily on the first tactic while employing the second and third to a lesser extent. Then rely heavily on the second tactic while employing the first and third to a lesser extent. Then rely heavily on the third tactic while employing the first two.

  1. Memetic manufacturing. We want to coin phrases that do not necessarily carry alt-right connotations, but still propagate our views. The success of the word, “cuckservative”, is a good example of this. The Wikipedia article on the word is basically a smear job to stop people from using it, but it has not succeeded, as evidenced by the link in the previous sentence.
  2. Boundary pushing. Argue your point using nearly acceptable language in a mainstream conservative setting. As our memes propagate through mainstream conservative discourse, we will find the soil becoming steadily more fertile for more overt ingressions into the political conversation. This establishes a beachhead. You want to be just barely outside of what is acceptable. People will become uncomfortable, but not so much that they shut you out by default. This exerts a rightward pull.
  3. Blur (and then destroy) the boundaries. Begin participating in mainstream conservatism, both online and off, while openly referring and linking to alt-right sources. As we employ the first two tactics, this will become more feasible. As the boundaries break down, we will see reactionary views becoming more acceptable.

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