Splinter the Left

I am pleased by the rise of the alt-left. Here are some leftists who are incorporating right-wing ideas (i.e. reality) into their discourse. Of course, they are not allies, but they are useful.

What we want is to create more such groups. Leftists, as squabbling monkeys, do not unite until they perceive a common threat, at which point they begin engaging in the rhetorical equivalent of shit-flinging. However, one can short-circuit this behavior by creating a sufficiently large splinter group within the left that does not see us as The Bad Guy.

In addition to creating splinter groups, we need to look into agitating old rivalries, in combination with our infiltration tactics. A generous amount of shit-stirring on the bad blood between Marxists and Anarchists is one example of this. Perhaps a more powerful one is worsening the already absurd conflict between various “more-oppressed-than-thou” groups in the social justice movement. There are attempts within the social justice movement to unite and move in a common direction, mostly by finding a common enemy (often referred to as “white privilege” or “patriarchy” but really better known as “sanity” and “normality”). It follows that our best bet is to attack by means of convincing each group that it won’t get an equal share of the pie because one of the other groups is too greedy. Keep them at one another’s throats.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?

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