Kaczynski observes that leftists have extremely low self-esteem, compensated for by “oversocialization” (crowdism). Terror management theory postulates that self-esteem is a means of coping with the fear of death through escape into some kind of ideal or compensation.

Hypothesis: one can psychologically cripple a leftist temporarily by inciting death-fear and finding a way to weaken the crowdist/oversocialized ego buffer. Of course, this has the end result of making them more radical in the long term.

I have tentatively endorsed the strategic view that we should attempt to force the leftist radicalization process into overdrive, since a society cannot tolerate a radical leftist movement whose ideology becomes more extreme at a pace that is noticeable to a casual observer (a few years vs. a decade). This may provide a strategic opening, with all caveats about the futility of purely offensive strategies in place, of course.

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