Imperative: Learn Deception

If you’ve ever witnessed a right-winger arguing with a Leftist rodent, you may have noticed some frustration on the right-winger’s part as he vainly tries to induce a blind rat to see past its own nose. This is because many on the right are pathologically honest and cannot grasp the fact that willful stupidity is impervious to reasoned argument. This means that we need to take a different tack; the purpose of a debate is to convince onlookers, of course, but you will never convince a determined pest to stop being a pest. So, if we cannot convince these shrinking, self-terminating little egos-with-legs to stop with their nonsense, then how can we neutralize them? Recall what I said a few sentences ago: many on the right are pathologically honest. We must learn deception!

  1. In an earlier post, I asserted that infiltrating the Left was a viable tactic. I want to push this point further. We all know the old saw about boiling the frog, which I am told doesn’t work in real life, but it’s still a good illustrative example; if you slowly raise the temperature of a vessel of water containing a frog, the frog will boil to death, since it doesn’t notice the water becoming hotter.

    The reason that the Left has gotten so far is that the radicalization process is slow enough that most people don’t notice until decades have passed and it’s already too late. The solution is not to argue against Leftists, since only reasonable people can understand reason. The solution is to send the radicalization process into overdrive. The Left has already done this with themselves through a particular process: “When a non-Leftist voice is critical, they unite to deny, sabotage and subvert it… When there are no external threats, they manufacture an internal one in the form of the perpetual loyalty test. Someone inside the Left-camp will be found not disloyal, but not loyal enough. This radicalizes the others by forcing them to act out the ideology more severely.”

    Notice the backlash against the social justice movement, for example. It became acceptable to mock SJWs when they began radicalizing too quickly. Rather than argue against them, we need to infiltrate the Left and ramp up the radicalization to fever pitch, which will, in turn, engender a backlash that works in our favor. When the backlash happens, we need to use our false flags and right-wing plants to sustain the radicalization in the face of the backlash. This can work in our favor, because, if we convince the Left to be stubborn, they will be unable to respond to the backlash by tempering their rhetoric, thus ensuring a strong, long-lasting backlash rather than a weak one that dissipates as soon as the Left (temporarily!) backs off.

  2. Radicalization acceleration is a strong tactic, but don’t forget to impart faulty arguments. You want to make an argument that sounds persuasive on the surface, but contains a fallacy immediately visible to people one or two sigma above average in terms of intelligence. You will propagate this idea through your false-flag Left operations, as well as in everyday situations where you can pretend to be a real Leftist.

    The idea here is to get Leftists to go around using arguments that sound persuasive to idiots, but will be quickly panned by the “smart guy” in the room, whom everyone respects and will defer to. It’s a bit like ant traps that poison individual ants with a slow-acting toxin that does not kill the individual ants before they return to the colony, where it spreads. Another way of putting it is that we want to make the Leftists use dumb arguments that make them a target for ridicule.

  3. Consider revealing the deception after a while. Imagine if a popular Leftist website suddenly turned around and said, “By the way, I’m not really a feminist. All the arguments I’ve been using are wrong. Here’s why.” This has a double virtue. First, it humiliates the Left, which fears social censure more than anything; since your average Leftist will shy away from anything that might make them unpopular, this acts as a conditioning tactic that causes them to associate Leftist activit with social ostracism. Only a determined SJW would keep on going, which means that the more moderate groups on the outskirts would drop out, leaving the movement to the radicals. The second virtue is that it will make the remaining people in the social justice movement (and the Left more generally) suspicious and wary, accusing one another of being false flags and right-wing plants, which fractures the movement and causes infighting.
  4. Spread the word! I have decided to begin harping on the deception bit over and over again in this blog, until the idea begins to propagate, because I perceive that the Right simply isn’t doing enough of it. I already run a faux-Left twitter, and will begin writing a blog soon. You must engage in deception, but also make sure that all other Right-wingers you know do so as well.

Remember that deception is the most powerful weapon that one human can use against another. We are physiologically weaker than other primates, in part because our brain consumes so much of the energy produced by our metabolisms. The “evolutionary bet,” so to speak, was placed on intelligence, and it paid off in terms of survival value. This means that the easiest way to neutralize an opponent is to do something that destroys their ability to plan or foresee your actions. Deception is key. We must learn deception.

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