An Ancient Song

Music, thought Schopenhauer, is a direct manifestation of the Will. It’s the one thing accessible to our phenomenal consciousness that is closest to the inscrutable interiority that exists on both sides of the subject/object distinction. Music, the Will manifest. If you must think of yourself at your most fundamental, the best “picture” of what you are is a particular kind of music. The real “you” cannot ever fully understand itself, because nobody has 100% accurate self-awareness on all levels. But if you want the best picture possible, think of music.

Resonance – when a bunch of things begin acting in a concerted manner, the effect of each individual is amplified. Like ten people singing the same note at once amplifying it into a chorus, or the atoms of a chunk of uranium splitting to produce a nuclear explosion from the enormous release of energy. The cells of a seed, acting in concert to grow from an acorn to an oak. The electrons around the nuclei of the atoms of a magnet, aligned to produce a magnetic field.

Now, think of resonance through the metaphor of sound. When you get together with a group of like-minded people, you all are “singing the same song,” so-to-speak. You are “making beautiful music.” And what song drives us?

There is an old song in you somewhere. It’s the voice of passion, of conviction, of an enthusiastic YES to life. This is the song that we on the alt-right are singing, the song that we are. It’s the song of victory, pride, nobility, and everything worthwhile in life that can only be had with great effort. It is virility.

Many substances have a “shattering frequency,” or a frequency that causes the object to break apart. If you can sing the right frequency loudly enough, you really can break glass with your voice. Other substances, when struck at the right frequency, will produce sound, like when you blow into a bottle at the right angle and make it sing.

The old music in you is the “frequency” that makes good men sing and bad ones shatter. Sing it loudly enough, and we will unite. Then the ancient song will well up from within, and you will see your foes shatter like glass.

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