In my last few posts, I asserted two things. First, use subterfuge to increase the radicalization rate. Second, divide and conquer. These two can – and must – be combined. The strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Infiltrate.
  2. Radicalize/Divide
  3. Win.

The first step is infiltration of the Left. We want to get beyond the point of simple internet trolls saying dumb stuff on Reddit and get some long-term operations in place. I’m talking about infiltration of your local Democratic party activist groups and campus social justice activism clubs, long-standing websites and subreddits, and so on.

The second step is radicalization with simultaneous division. It breaks down into two substeps, which must both be pursued simultaneously. First, attack those on the moderate Left with accusations of crypt-fascism or whatever. Pile on the shame and guilt, making sure to target fence-sitting white males who may turn to the alt-right and anyone with a potential for becoming more extreme; ramp up this process as much as possible, insisting that your “compatriots” be open about their views. Second, at the same time as the first step, create divisions between leftists by exploiting existing rivalries and creating new ones modeled on those already extant.

This second step needs some clarification; in brief, leftists have a tenuous alliance with one another by means of a common enemy (us), which is rationalized with intersectionality theory and other such academic fluff. The key is not a theoretical debate, but a change from “Our enemy is the patriarchy” to “Our enemy is the white feminists,” or some such thing, subtly couched in an argument that appears ‘theoretical’ on its surface. The idea is to use whatever persuasive faux-reasoning necessary to incite leftists to infighting. The Left only unites because it has a common enemy. If you change the primary target of any group of leftists, you effectively rob the Left of the use of that group. One of our primary goals is to encourage in-fighting. What would happen if a black lives matter Twitter account told a recently-raped white feminist that she should shut up and let the POC speak? Imagine the shit-storm from that!

The third step, of course, is self-explanatory.

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