No Bad Publicity

As the ill-fated media shit-storm directed at Trump shows, trying to stifle right wing movements through mockery and slander is like using water to put out a grease fire. For reference, this is what happens when you try that:

What the media did not realize about Trump (and what the Left doesn’t realize about us) is that, just as water puts out most fires but does not work on grease fires, slander and mockery will silence most groups but not those which know how to harness other people’s anger. Given the enormous anger underlying much of modern politics (particularly on the right, including the mainstream right), slandering and mocking us just gives us free publicity. For example, a new alt-right subreddit popped up recently, and has engendered a number of angry threads on “anti-hate” subreddits with dozens of comments which – get this – obsessively scream that nobody is paying attention to the alt-right subreddit. I think the tranny doth protest too much!

This gives me an idea for a lovely new tactic: purposefully put alt-right content in places where neurotics (leftists) can see it! Go ahead. Let them mock, howl, shriek, and cover their ears while pointing at your content and yelling “La la la I can’t hear that.” It’s free publicity, why not? Even better; create content, and then link to that content in places frequented by neurotics, all while concern-trolling as a neurotic yourself. Let them accuse you of being a right wing plant; after all, anyone accusing you of being one is probably a right wing plant themselves, since that’s what we do. I wonder how much of my content gets posted on lefty sites by people sympathetic to it?

Of course, if they realize that they’re pouring water on a grease fire, then that just gives us free reign to spread our ideas unimpeded. That’s why our victory is inevitable. Just keep poking those sore spots, and we’ll spread like a grease fire.

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