Youth Outreach

We need to get our ideas out to the rising generation. Every successful political movement reaches out to young people, and by young people I mean those between 13 and 20. How do we make this happen?

A few ideas:

  1. Make alt-right memes and pictures that are easily compressed and shareable via apps popular with youth, e.g. Snapchat, Kik, etc.
  2. There are already some alt-right song parodies floating around. If you’re musically talented, go ahead and write parodies of popular songs among youth. The metal subculture seems especially receptive, but parodying any popular song will help.
  3. Make it cool! This is a more abstract point, but also the most important point of all. Find ways to present the alt-right as something offensive and rebellious that your parents will just hate, maaaan. Make sure that groups of old leftists find out about it, too, so they’ll panic about it and increase their children’s curiosity about it. “Don’t push the big red button, Timmy!”
  4. Make it substantial. Traditional ideas like ours provide a palpable, substantial alternative to the yawning emptiness offered by contemporary culture. Find ways to simplify the important points of our message (e.g. emphasis on tradition and belonging to a culture) and put it in places where the young will find it.
  5. Provide them with argumentsThe memes and songs should provide facts and arguments simple enough to be understood and used by young people. If only one kid, popular in his friend group, becomes alt-right, then all of his friends will follow.

Remember, kids: progress is old news!


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