Youth Outreach II – Masculinity

Another word on outreach to youth: our primary target is the angry young man.

We’ve all heard the phrase “angry young man” before. You can see angry young men wearing anarchy symbols, marching at university protests, and decrying the evils of oppression. This is because the Left has largely cornered the ideological market among such people; it tells them that the root of their problems is the “unfair” standards of masculinity that society thrusts on them, that they are in some way to blame for this, and that they have a “responsibility” to overturn it. This works on the majority of people, because the majority of people are stupid, lazy, and corrupt. We’ll never appeal to the majority, but a major pillar of our ideology is faith in excellence. If we can reach the best people, we’ll win.

So, how do we reach the best (that is, most intelligent, motivated, and virtuous) angry young men? The only way to do this is to offer them something that liberal democratic society does not, which is an authentic masculinity. On the one hand, this means no more male guilt, no more white guilt, no more self-flagellation over privilege, no more t-shirts that say “This is what a feminist looks like,” no more “It’s okay to cry in public,” and no more “Get in touch with your femininity.” On the other hand, however, it also means no more keg stands, no more meathead antics, no more bro culture, and certainly no more pants halfway to your knees. The very best of the angry young men loathe both of these views. So, what do we offer them instead?

We offer virtue – in the ancient sense. A man is strong and capable, both physically and mentally; he is effective; he is alert; he is quick-witted; he works hard, but he loves danger and he loves to play. A man is strong-willed, but willing to subordinate himself, not to arbitrary standards, but to a cause and an ideal. His faculties of reasoning are sharp and he wields them like a sword; he is a master of calculated aggression. We offer a vision of Nietzschean virtue that would make H.L. Mencken grin knowingly and cause a feminist ‘philosopher’ no end of impotent rage.

Should you argue with them on a logical basis? Yes, but sometimes showing  is more important than telling. Don’t argue that your vision of masculinity is superior to the liberal-democratic indoctrination they grew up with. Just be an exemplar yourself, and they will follow suit, because it is their nature.

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