Twilight of the Idols

Allow me to hammer this point home: there have been a number of institutions and, more importantly, ideas, which have been deemed untouchable for the past few decades. It is time to begin smashing them.

The following is a rather dense bit of exposition, and I’m not going to bother unpacking it, so pay close attention: political correctness is sustained by each individual’s belief that everyone else believes in political correctness. This means that political correctness is capable of drowning out a single low-status dissenter, but if a sufficient number of people reject political correctness, its hegemony will begin to waver. Disruption of this kind is typically quashed by means of creating a category, out-grouping that category, and then subsuming dissenters under that category. Ideological resonance of this kind can only be disrupted if its protective mechanisms are dismantled or avoided.

This has several consequences:

  1. The right wing continually creates new labels for itself in order to avoid the out-grouping procedure, but this has not worked in the past. We need to stick with our current label (alt-right).
  2. Surprising people tends to create cognitive dissonance in them; a person undergoing cognitive dissonance is ideologically labile and there exists a possibility of breaking their conditioning. The more high-status, well-known, and well-liked people who surprise people by embracing our ideology, the more cognitive dissonance we create.
  3. A single person is easily quashed, unless they are high-status and wealthy (e.g. Trump). Thus, we need large groups of people coming out as alt-right at the same time.
  4. Ideological resonance is localized to particular social niches and has a finite amount of power with which to quash dissenting voices. Accordingly, liberal democratic ideological resonance is stretched thin when people from multiple social niches begin to dissent at the same time.

There is a unifying theme to all of this, and it is not free association. A philosopher will see it at once. If you do not see it at once, re-read and think carefully.


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