The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Let’s reverse Yeats’ little lament here: let the worst lack all conviction, and let the best be filled with passionate intensity. Let Hillary’s little medical condition, whatever it is, be a metaphor for the current state of the Left. The foe is weak; crush him.

Demoralizing the Left is our best bet at the moment. We already have them on the back foot between Trump and Brexit. Here are some thoughts on future propaganda efforts:

  1. Gloating. Make sure to gloat every time the Left loses even a minor battle. Gloat in front of leftists. Gloat in front of cuckservatives. Gloat everywhere. Blow it out of proportion if you have to, and don’t let them forget. The best way to do this is to frame each defeat that the Left suffers as symptomatic of a wider sea change. Play connect-the-dots; even better, trick them into playing connect-the-dots!
  2. Remind them that we’re here. Thanks to the American Democratic Party’s bungling, Leftists across America (and most likely in other English-speaking countries) know about the alt-right. So let’s be the bogeymen, the monsters that hide under their beds. Every time a piece of conservative propaganda makes the rounds, attribute it to the alt-right. Put flyers up in meatspace, and put comments everywhere on the internet. Make sure that the alt-right is constantly floating just below the surface of every liberal’s fragile consciousness. We want them to be even more paranoid about us than they already are. Scare ’em shitless.
  3. Demoralize the important ones. We want every Leftist, especially the ones who play an important role (university professors, media drones, etc.) to question their cause, both in terms of its moral rightness and its chances of success.

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