1. The cliff is high, the chasm deep
    So let the foolish lemmings leap
    Those you cannot teach to fly
    Teach to crash and burn and die
  2. I am strong and this I know
    My intuition tells me so
    My foe’s demise will come ere long
    They are weak, but I am strong
  3. Begging mercy for their sins
    Darwin, laughing, spreads his wings
  4. When clever monkeys say your name
    Do not try to play their game
    There is nothing more to say;
    The winning move is not to play
  5. Hide your light from vermin’s eyes
    Feign ignorance and tell them lies
    Just play dumb and keep your cool
    For rodents are not hard to fool
    This will make them leave you be
    They can’t resent what they don’t see

2 thoughts on “Fragments

  1. Who couldn’t appreciate a reworking of a classic Black Sabbath line? Regarding the last one, however, it seems to me the problem is not avoiding the fools, but being destroyed by their effect on civilization.


    1. Fools can destroy you via their effect on society, or by attacking directly. Sometimes you have to do the chameleon thing. Schopenhauer puts it beautifully:

      “In this respect they [the vulgar] are like the little dog whose toes you are so apt to tread upon inadvertently – you know it by the shrill bark it sets up… if they are talking with anyone, and he exhibits, or does not sufficiently conceal, his intelligence and discernment, they look upon it as a downright insult; although for the moment they hide their ill will, and the unsuspecting author of it afterwards ruminates in vain upon their conduct, and racks his brain to discover what he could possibly have done to excite their malice and hatred.”

      Your point is well-taken, however. No exit.


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