1. We all bleed red. So do rats.
  2. Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a degenerate like the presence of one who refuses to join the degenerate in their degeneracy. This is why people get so defensive when they find out that you don’t drink or engage in premarital sex.
  3. Real contempt is not concerned with making itself known to its object. If they really had contempt for you, they wouldn’t be so keen on letting you know. Just smirk at the facade with which they hide their fear.
  4. Mind over matter; if you don’t mind, it don’t matter.
  5. Their bluster and sanctimony and threats of social sanction are just hot air. Stand firm until the squall passes, and you will find that it was an empty threat to begin with. Against their will, they will respect you, whether they like it or not.
  6. Go ahead and be mean.
  7. A detailed investigation of contemporary opinion and culture reveals a fetishization of what is lower. Serrano and Mapplethorpe make disgusting art that reflect the spirit of the age, and the Marxist fetish for victimhood reveals a personal weakness of the most despicable kind. We live in an age dominated by people who worship shit.

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