Bum-Rush the Tech Industry

Some characteristics of the technology sector:

  1. It seems to be in constant flux. Huge, established companies wither away into nothing in less than a decade, and new ones crop up.
  2. It is extremely wealthy.
  3. It is relatively easy to access, in terms of careers and company creation.

So why are we on the alt-right not infiltrating it?

Think about it. A large amount of our problems come from the absence of financial backing. A network of tech-minded alt-righters could easily spring up; there are more than enough intelligent people in our movement. As soon as one or a few of us get some traction, we can engage in low-key (and later on, blatant) political nepotism to begin getting a political foothold on the tech sector.

I propose the following outline:

  1. If you’re an intelligent (IQ > 120) alt-righter, learn to code, and begin educating yourself about technology. Don’t worry about “not having a math/science brain.” Anyone with an IQ over that threshold can find a technological field in which he excels.
  2. Join a big company if you have to, and get some experience in the industry.
  3. Either begin freelancing or start your own company.

(note: what follows is a rough-and-ready ballpark estimate. Treat it as such.)

The immensely wealthy technology sector employed under 7 million people in February of this year. I have not been able to find any reliable measures of alt-right sentiment with a quick search, so let’s ballpark the number of alt-right types as roughly one quarter of Trump voters. Hillary seems to think that roughly half of his voters are in the “basket of deplorables,” so this is really a pessimistic estimate for the alt-right, compared to hers. Let’s say that Trump voters are 40% of the population (not necessarily 40% of likely voters). Suppose that a small fraction of those – say, 2 million – went into the tech sector. Hey, what do you know? Now a significant minority of one of the wealthiest segments of the economy is alt-right. The effect on politics and culture would be profound, to say the least.

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