The following two propositions do not contradict one another on a logical level. They are, however, extremely difficult to balance on a psychological level.

  1. It is best to act without emotional attachment to results.
  2. Every action must be coordinated to achieve the best results.

This is key to success. 2 makes you effective on an act-for-act basis, while 1 keeps you unfazed by failure, thus making you more consistent.

My mindset in my political activism is like this: if this civilization crashes and burns and a newer, better one never arises, then it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I acted as effectively as possible while I lived. That is to say, I achieved the optimal results, regardless of whether they ultimately lead to a better world.

This is how the great civilizations of Europe (and Japan, for that matter) have operated when they were at their best. Stoicism was popular in the Roman Empire for a reason. Don’t worry about how it will all end. Your mindset should be that, even if it all comes to nothing, it doesn’t matter. You must simply keep acting as efficiently as possible. That is all.

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