Two Prongs

In the event that Trump is elected, I foresee a two-pronged strategy.

  1. Short-term prong: push Trump as far right as possible. Popularize the “if only white men voted” images, to ensure that Trump enacts policies that secure his re-election the only way he can: by deporting and disenfranchising those who would vote against him. This allows us to gain an initial advantage, and push forward with a strategy that Trump himself has used to great effect; gain an initial advantage through brute force, and then use that initial advantage to eliminate the opponents’ ability to respond.
  2. Long-term prong: infiltrate and begin a take-over of the tech industry. The upper-crust of alt-right intelligentsia ought to do this, for two reasons. One, it cements a financial and socio-cultural stronghold for us that will enable a long-term push toward a Traditionalist society. Two, it creates a wealthy and powerful Brahmin caste whose descendants can slowly seize power over the next century. It can be plausibly argued that our culture is simply too degraded to produce someone worthy of being a monarch; if we want a philosopher-king, we’re going to have to create a “walled garden” in our society where such people can be trained and bred.

A closing note: a certain amount of nepotism in an alt-right network of affiliated tech-industry workers is desirable. We would not include just anyone, of course, but we’d be willing to back up anybody who has a history of doing good work or, even better, succeeding at risky ventures, even if they occasionally fail. In addition to being a better industry model, this would insulate the alt-right tech-sphere from the dangers of being exposed to the economic flux of the tech industry, thus allowing it to gain power and slowly come to dominate that sector of the economy. This would act both as a beachhead from which assaults could be launched on other sectors (e.g. academia), and as a group of people who would become a de facto techno-aristocracy.

This is the way forward. If anyone sees ways of improving it, or has some tactical ideas, let’s hear it. But this is how the next incarnation of the Western soul will be born. Treat this as a prophecy, if that term works for you.

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