Hypothesis: people who lean to the Left are typically passive-aggressive in the way they pursue their political goals. Passive-aggressives are people who will say or do something while brazenly denying it. For example, a passive-aggressive will blatantly imply that you’re a genocidal Antichrist for thinking that your country should not take in refugees, and then say, “Not saying you’re racist or anything.” How do deal with this?

I think that the correct method for dealing with passive-aggressives en masse should be a scaled-up version of the correct method for dealing with them on a one-on-one basis. Namely, like this: passive-aggressives who use equality and “justice” as a means for attaining their revenge on the rest of the world – often called “Tarantulas” – are typically full of repressed anger. I won’t go into a deep psychological analysis here, but suffice to say, you can wreck the tarantulas by, so-to-speak, pulling on their webs until the constant irritation causes them to emerge from their burrows in rage, at which point you can step on them with impunity.

Two ideas on how to do this:

  1. Propagate certain facts (so called “hate facts“) without attaching an alt-right perspective to them. This is not to say that we shouldn’t do outright alt-right propaganda, only that we need to operate on multiple levels here. What we’re doing in this tactic is waving the red cloth until the bull charges. This forces the passive-aggressives into being the aggressors, which is the one thing they most want to avoid.
  2. In a conversational context, learn to keep your cool in an argument while saying things guaranteed to piss your opponent off (this combines well with the above tactic). If you can provoke them into a rage while staying completely calm, you look like the cool-headed rational one and they look like the flailing idiot.

Those are just two possibilities, but if you can get the general concept, you can certainly come up with more.

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