No Compromise

This is the imperative: no compromise!

The Left has been struck a grievous blow, so they’ll do what they always do in this situation. They’ll simper and whine and sue for peace and reconciliation. They’ll be smarmy and unctuous and obsequious. They’ll do anything they can to get us to compromise. Don’t do that. No compromise.

To break this down a little bit, there are three stages of Leftist argument:

  1. Subtle intimidation. They will subtly imply that you are racist or sexist or evil or whatever, without saying it outright. They will vaguely hint that you will become unpopular for disagreeing with them.
  2. Overt intimidation. This is the renowned “SJW freakout.” This is where they fly into a hysterical rage and call you all sorts of nasty names.
  3. False reconciliation. This is where they give ground, while attempting to poison your position in some way so they can reclaim it later. They will make concessions to placate you.

Breaking through number 3 is a difficult step. Most of us have a natural tendency to be forgiving and kind. We don’t want to be cruel. But sometimes, not being cruel is the cruelest thing of all. Don’t be magnanimous to the left when they begin making concessions. Don’t do that. No compromise.

We are now negotiating from a position of strength, and our first instinct is to be fair. Our recent victory also makes us complacent. But we can’t afford to relax, and we can’t afford to be fair to the left, because they will always always always take advantage of our generosity. Do not be generous, and do not settle for anything that does not guarantee an unambiguously rightward trajectory.

Suppose that, despite your best efforts, you have to back down in a social situation. Fine. But do so without apologizing. Assume the dominant stance and make it clear that you’re right, that you know you’re right, and that your opponent is not. Your instinct will be to give them room to breathe. Do not do that. No compromise.

No compromise.

No fucking compromise.

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