Meatspace Is Next

This will be brief. My previous entry was on forming real-life alt-right groups. This is important, for a both a negative reason and a positive one. “Negative” here means “negative motivation” i.e. by means of a bad result for inaction, while “positive” means just the opposite (good result for action).

The negative reason is that the alt-right is at a stage where it cannot succeed without rapid growth. This is the critical stage we’ve been waiting for. We’ve been an internet movement for some time now, and remaining an internet movement will destroy us. They will close in, the internet wing of the burgeoning alt-right will die, and all will be lost.

The positive reason is that if we press the attack into real-world arenas, we cannot lose! Let that sink in. If we establish a beachhead in meatspace, then two things happen. One, our various enemies, both organizations and individual ideologues, will be forced to divide their efforts between attempting to squelch an online community and attempting to stop it from growing further into the material plane, which will only become more and more difficult as our numbers increase. The second effect is a reciprocal one; those who join the alt-right as a result of real-world actions will participate in the online community and vice versa. Note that the first and second events here show us an even larger feedback loop.

No compromise.

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