Inner Self

Nothing touches the God within.

Not a rock against which the sword breaks, but air which remains the same when the sword passes through it. You don’t stand strong against the wind or even bend with it, but allow it to pass through you.

You don’t capitulate. Neither do you fight the internal battle directly. Rather, you watch it happen, and every time it tries to devour you, you watch it trying to devour you – and, in doing so, move out of its way. Every time it opens its jaws, they snap shut empty, because you’re no longer there.

Nothing touches the God within.

5 thoughts on “Inner Self

  1. There’s more to this than meets the eye.

    It is good to read the words of someone who has a clue, since so many don’t.
    Nothing Real is an enemy to the Soul, within. Only the unreal would attempt the doing of harm to the Real.
    And being unreal, must always fail.
    The only harm that is possible, is self-harm, and it is that, which to a human, constitutes the only threat.

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    1. Intuition is the Big Cheese. Logic and reasoning and analysis all have their place, but without a foundation, they can only produce self-referential nonsense. The problem is when you put the cart before the horse.


  2. Heaven and Hell is Christian-speak, leading to endless confusion, and ultimately the failure that atheism is.
    It’s really about Reality and unreality. Reality being what-is, and unreality being what the mind interprets what-is, as what-it’s-not.
    I hadn’t suspected, before, that I would ever need to point this seemingly obvious thing out, to people at large, But it would seem I do. So I have.
    A guy like you can make use of something like this.
    Go forth and multiply it.


  3. Close. The enlightened man knows truth, but not in the way one is usually aware of knowing something.
    He knows it, is it, and can be no other way. Knowing it without thinking it. As you say: being it.


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