Our Own Worst Enemy

The basic proposition beneath this entry is that the rise of the Right in Western countries is inevitable, unless we fuck it up. So, how could that happen? How could we fuck it up?

  1. Single-Issue-ism. This is the most dangerous one, in that it could screw us even if the Right succeeds. Our societies have gotten to this point because civilizations decay over time and we allowed ours to go down the tubes. No excuses. Blaming THE JEWS™, the Left, or even abstract ideas like egalitarianism is a mistake because it obscures the real cause of our decline, which is the human ego running rampant. Incidentally, this is the same thing that has killed many other societies. Go ahead and fix the rot where you see it, but keep in mind that these are all symptoms, not causes.
  2. Dilution/subversion. This is the second most dangerous one. Basically, we fail if we allow ourselves to be co-opted. This is the most visible issue to most alt-righters. The basic problem is that we cannot allow ourselves to become another institutionally-approved political movement, but we also can’t shut ourselves off in the margins of society.

    The key to avoiding subversion and co-opting is to ensure that the alt-right changes society, and not the other way around. Every time we advance, we have to force a concession from society that changes the context of the debate. The key here is a preservation of right-ward momentum, which is to say that we refuse to compromise the core of our movement while allowing “alt-light” movements to exist as a vanguard.

  3. Laziness. This one is a distant third, because the alt-right is driven by the kind of rage that does not die easily. However, it is possible, albeit unlikely, that big successes may make us complacent, and we won’t push as hard. A close examination shows this to be the same danger as point 2.


Siehst Vater du, den Erlkönig nicht?
Den Erlenkönig, mit Kruhn und Schweif.”
“Mein Sohn, es ist ein Nebelstreif.”

Goethe’s Erlkönig is a poem about a supernatural being that (it is implied) steals the soul of a young boy as his father carries him home. The boy repeatedly tells the father about the Erlkönig. The father replies each time by explaining it away naturalistically, as errors in the boy’s perception of reality. Eventually, the fault in the father’s explanation is made clear, and the Erlkönig kills the boy. The poem ends with the death of the boy, and makes no mention of the aftermath. We all see the death coming, but its aftermath is something we don’t give much thought to.

The Left has continuously cast about for an explanation of the current rightward shift that works within their own paradigm. Of course, no such explanation exists. You can persist with a faulty paradigm for a while, but reality catches up sooner or later. Working with a bad outlook on reality is like doing algebra beginning with a faulty equation. The more complex your calculations get, the more the original error propagates, until the whole thing dissolves into utter nonsense and you conclude that 1 = 0. The consequences of delusion may be slow in coming, but they are ineluctable.

As darkness closes in on the northern hemisphere, just remember that there is no way to counterattack against an enemy advancing from a direction in which you refuse to look. They will not, cannot see us coming, because they have staked their claim on an illusion that we reject. When I insist that Leftism is self-undermining, people have always replied that this can’t be true, because they would have lost long ago. What such people failed to see was that, just because Leftism has escaped the consequences of its own iniquity so far, doesn’t mean that it always will. Our day will come, and then the question arises of what to do next.

Take heart, friends. Do something special for the Solstice, or Christmas, or whatever you prefer to call it. If you are of European descent, your ancestors have been doing it for thousands of years. As you do so, don’t reflect on the current state of the world. Reflect on the future, on what you would like to see. It can be hard to imagine anything outside of our current sick society, but it will not be this way forever. Look to the old stories and myths and philosophers for guidance, or even the writings of those who refused to imbibe modernity despite being born into its clutches. What comes next?

Erreicht den Hof mit Müh’ und Not;
In seinen Armen das Kind war tot.