Bait and Switch

Any word that is overused loses its meaning, and this goes double for words with vague meanings. “Alt-right” is such a word. We have an opportunity here.

  1. Allow “alt-right” to be used as a witch-hunting term, which will happen more and more often as “racist” and “Nazi” and other such words lose their meanings due to abuse. We will work to undermine the Nazi meme, both through argument and through provocation:

    This is what Richard Spencer and the Alt Right are going on about when they throw Roman salutes with Tila Tequila, or whatever happened. The Alt Right is pure provocation. Its goal is to legitimize all of the things that are made taboo by egalitarianism,

  2. One “alt-right” has become a term to designate anyone the Left doesn’t like, and once this behavior is sufficiently widely spread to be recognizable by anyone, we reclaim the term and normalize it as well. This will be possible after we are finished undermining the Nazi meme.
  3. Once we reclaim the term, we do two things in tandem. First, convince everyone on the right, or almost everyone, to identify as “alt-right” in response to its use as a slur. Then, use that as a means of legitimizing the alt-right subculture.

If that last step is confusing, consider the use of the term, “feminist.” The feminists insist on a definition of feminism that equates it with gender equality, and then, when people assent to the definition, subsume them into the feminist subculture by means of identity politics. We’re pulling a parallel move here.

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