The Future

The biggest obstacle for the visionaries of the Right is the difficulty of imagining a radically different future. I like the “four pillars” of reactionary thought currently circulating through the alt-right sphere:

  1. Culture
    We have an identity and a continuity with the past, which acts as a compass.
  2. Discipline
    The human ego, with its weakness and pettiness, is the root of most of the evil in the world. We defeat the dysfunction and entropy in society by defeating it in ourselves.
  3. Aristocracy
    Hierarchy in society, put the best in charge. We don’t do this through a system of rules. We do it as individuals by finding the best people around us and pushing them to take charge.
  4. Transcendence
    There exists a reality outside of us that is inaccessible to the analytical intellect and phenomenal consciousness. Our reverence to the ineffable, and its primary emanations (i.e. the pattern-order of the universe and the laws of nature) is what guides us in the right direction and provides us with a goal.

By themselves, though, these aren’t enough. We need a more concrete vision, guided and defined by the four pillars. Here are some thoughts:

  1. Culture, the first pillar, is to be realized through two prongs. First, reject the trash that modern society has produced, not by censoring or destroying it, but by ignoring it and refusing to engage in it. Amidst all the trash, some isolated men in modern society have created worthwhile art and philosophy. Take what is good and reject everything else. Art is a product of the struggle for self-definition and accomplishment of a civilization. That’s the direction toward which our art tends.
  2. Discipline, the second pillar, means striving for excellence in your individual life. The quality of individuals is what gives rise to the quality of civilizations. Physical and mental strength and health is what we need as individuals, and until we have it, we don’t have a chance.
  3. Aristocracy, the third pillar, cannot be realized by a system of rules. If you know someone who is a natural leader, push them to take charge. If you know someone who is a natural thinker, push them to create. This can’t be accomplished by us all following a checklist; it has to be a case of each of us using their best judgment.
  4. Transcendence, the fourth pillar, is the most difficult, and the culmination of the first three. When the first three are in place, the fourth will arrive on its own, and it becomes evident at that point that the striving for transcendence was at the root of the impulse to put the first three pillars in place.


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