Cucking the Left

Postmodernist shitbag Richard Rorty thought that there were two versions of the Left that differed in practice but not in principle. There was the reformist Left and the cultural Left. The cultural Left saw America as an empire beyond redemption, and the reformist Left saw it as something that could be used. The plan of action here is clear.

The simple idea is to make a clear separation between the cultural and reformist Left. Then we use the Left’s social intelligence against it by introducing a litmus test for a “respectable liberal” that includes acknowledgement of inequality as an inevitability that will never go away, with which they must work. Once we have that, we can cordon off the radical Left as a bunch of lunatics and drag the “respectable liberals” along with us. We need a better label, of course, one that they can identify with.

The Left’s current tantrum provides a prime breeding ground for this. Take the protests at Berkeley, and other such débâcles, and use them to impose a litmus test on the Left. Do you really think that America is a good idea, lefties? Do you love your conservative friends? Then pick up your cross and follow us. Just as they dragged us left with the introduction of the cuckservative, we can drag them right with the introduction of the respectable liberal.

The key is to make any Leftist who does not agree to this sound stupid. They made us sound immoral, like big meanie-heads. What if we make them sound like clueless college kids? The aim is to convince the best and brightest of the upcoming generation, who will drag the rest with them. Propagate the respectable liberal, and come up with a better term!

And I daresay, if we can take any of the more intelligent ones and turn them to the Right, we have accomplished a great feat. What could be better than redeeming wretched individuals into strong, upright, just and reverent men?

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