You are the Truth.

We, we Traditionalists, we Radical Right-Wingers, we Alt-Righters – we seek the Truth. We follow the form of the Good, the Beautiful, and the Truth. But the Truth discovers the other two. And all three can be found within you, but you must find the Truth first. You must realize that you are the truth!

  1. You are the truth – and what is true has a natural tendency to prevail over lies. Even if humanity be taken over by liars, then humanity will fail, because lies cannot succeed.
  2. You are the truth – and once you realize this, you have something that cannot be taken from you. Knowing the truth is immortality, because the truth is eternal. In every age of man, people have seen it – “There is one truth, but men describe it differently.”
  3. You are the truth – Nietzsche wrote that this was the oldest and most sensible form of the idea that became Christianity, and that the “true world” must be abolished with the apparent one. But Nietzsche lacked the transcendental viewpoint, so he could not see that this idea did, after all, have something good about it. It had a grain… of truth!

Remember that the truth is bigger than humanity. It’s bigger than the physical universe. That dark mist under your feet is their thundercloud. Once you’ve grasped it, you will laugh the laughter of the heights on their faces. You will confront the hordes of your foes head-on and strike them down. You are the truth!

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