Hit List

This is an important entry. I want everyone reading to look very closely at this list. It’s a hit list, or a list of institutions and ideas that need to be murdered effective immediately, and in this particular order. The first items on the list are the first ones we need to destroy, not necessarily the root causes. Sometimes you can’t get to the root without a little digging. No people, of course, just abstract entities that need to die right-the-fuck now. I welcome commenters to suggest revisions to this; once we get a good list together, we can proceed to begin the slaughter of bad ideas. More importantly, once the list is workable, I’d like to spread it around. Not a central dogma, of course. Just some informal guidelines that a lot of people can follow.

The following five points have a specific plan. The first one opens up the gap that we can rush into, and numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 correspond to culture, discipline, aristocracy, and transcendence, respectively. Each one is a pillar of our future society.

  1. ┬áRacism. “Bigotry,” “racism,” “sexism,” blah blah blah – these are the main rhetorical tools the Left uses to strangle wise people by making them uncertain of their social position. Granted, a very wise person simply doesn’t care, but many potential wise men are kept stupid by terms like this. So it’s time for the whole complex of concepts here to die. The Left has already done a lot of our work for us
    1. In terms of language, we have to either reclaim the word “racist,” or simply say that it’s not a word. ‘That term has lost all meaning. If you have a legitimate point to make, you can make it without using that term.’
    2. In terms of politics, we have to eliminate affirmative action and disparate impact laws. We need to taunt Trump into doing this.
      (This hit-list item opens up the other ones.)
    3. Don’t worry about sexism/transphobia/etc. Those will lose their bite as soon as racism sinks.
    4. We get rid of this one first to open up the other ones.
  2. Globalism. This one will fall so quickly after racism that it’s almost not worth mentioning. The fall of the concept of racism will immediately be followed by the re-assertion of self-interest, which will destroy the idea of globalism. This corresponds to the pillar of culture.
  3. Hedonism. The destruction of hedonism means, in practical terms, the rejection of “stuff yourself like a cow” as an acceptable life goal and the acceptance of derision for people who embrace hedonism. This is best accomplished by getting your own life in order and leading by example, while communicating some kind of disdain for people who do not do so. This corresponds to the pillar of discipline.
  4. Equality. This is accomplished easily after hedonism is destroyed. This is because, once we have embraced excellence and rejected hedonism, we can easily rank people by their success at becoming excellent. This will fall into place naturally after hedonism is rejected, and corresponds to the pillar of aristocracy.
  5. Materialism. This will fall into place naturally as well, once we reject equality, because we can select the best people and put them in charge. However, in order for it to fall into place, we must stipulate a tendency-toward-transcendence as a condition of being a person we want in charge. This corresponds to the pillar of transcendence.

Spiritual Cancer

We’ve seen that “Leftism” (really just the ego) is what tears civilizations apart. This is well-trodden ground, but I can point out an aspect of it that links it to a larger structure.

We know that leftism comes up in a civilization, and slowly rots it from within. This is done by individuals, because leftism came up inside of them, and rotted them from within. The best thing you can do as an individual is to purge the rot within yourself, even more than the rot around you. As I said before, this is well-trodden ground.

But look at things metaphysically for a moment. We can see that the basic tension, the basic contradictions and inadequacies in any system, are those factors that lead to its eventually downfall. The buildup of damage to DNA as cells divide is a big factor in senescence; the cracks in a wall widen until the wall crumbles; Shakespeare’s characters have tragic flaws that eventually destroy them.

Continuing this line of reasoning, I propose that errors “filter upward” through levels. A system as a whole begins to die when the errors in its parts filter into system errors. These errors always rise up through levels until they reach a systemic level where the system dies before the errors can filter up any more. More profound errors lead to more high-level systemic death.

Our civilization is sick, and will die – or transform. The crisis point is always an opportunity as well. Systemic errors are part of the great economy that leads to a higher good.

Productive Cruelty

Pointless cruelty is destructive, I grant you, but cruelty has its place. “Sometimes, not being cruel is…” One example is what the alt-right commonly calls chutzpah, or the act of condemning one’s opponent for doing something while engaging in the same behavior. In this entry, I want to hit on a related idea, which is being purposefully abusive in order to strangle certain political movements. The process is simple.

  1. “We’re not going to do X. Don’t worry about it. We’d never do that. We’re only going to do W.” W, here, is a more mild version of X.
  2. After W creates a precedent, we proceed to do X, humiliating and confusing our opposition by doing exactly what we said we weren’t going to do.
  3. “Yes, we did X. Why would you not want us to do it? What are you, a Communist? But we’ll never do Z, we promise – instead, we’ll do Y.” Y is a more mild version of Z, of course.
  4. After Y, go ahead and do Z.

An example of this would be to replace W with “immigration restrictions and deportation of criminal illegals,” replace X with “Mass deportation of illegals,” replace Y with “Removal of affirmative action,” and replace Z with “Incentivized removal of non-native groups and overtly preferring the majority.”

Is this slimy and underhanded? Yes – but that’s how you control idiots, and idiots make up most of the population. Rational, reasonable, fair-minded interaction is reserved for the people who are really capable of doing it, and who really deserve it. Hierarchy dictates that we deal with different groups in different ways.

Moreover, the demoralizing and abusive nature of this attack has the effect of confusing the movement in question and causing it to question its own goals and validity. It induces cognitive dissonance to weaken the opposition.

With deference to the first sentence here, I note that this is only abusive in the sense of being abusive toward groups and movements, not toward individuals. The deportations will be done gently. As history shows, committing genocide is an act that tends to come back and bite you in the ass, so let’s not do that. Instead, we shoo away the people we don’t want, and then kindly herd the sheep back into their pastures. They’re happier there anyway.


After Trump

In a prior entry, I suggested infiltration of the tech industry and disenfranchisement of non-native elements in the event of a Trump victory. Well, Trump won! So now we need some more short-term goals.

  1. There is a threat of leftist no-platforming, and they’re gonna try to take out our online presence along with everything else. Stevens suggests creating our own online media, under our own control. That’s a good idea, because we can’t control who gets banned on Reddit or Twitter. However, we must not seal ourself off from the mainstream, as I have warned against previously. The correct course of action is to create alternative spaces that are not strictly geared toward the alt-right, but are not hostile to it either. If we control those spaces, and allow them to become intertwined with mainstream sites, we can create a permanent presence in the mainstream.
  2. We have to begin controlling the idiots. Most people are too dumb to understand reason and we don’t need to convince them of anything. What we should do is use propaganda to manipulate them. The memetic attacks used by alt-righters are the most effective strategy. The only thing I have to add is this: instead of bickering over whether to fool the normies with soft propaganda or radicalize those who are suceptible to extreme beliefs, just do all of it! A meme for everybody. A meme to demoralize stupid leftists who are beyond redemption, a meme to paralyze the ones who are useful but can’t be reached yet, a meme to radicalize the moderate, a meme to empower the radical. The attack has to be holistic and address everyone everywhere.
  3. Memetic propaganda should be multi-pronged. That is to say, a good meme will frighten and demoralize leftists, radicalize moderates, and energize radicals to do more work, all in one swoop. For example, I once saw a picture (which I cannot find now) of a Libertarian “Don’t Tread On Me” snake with a big anarchist boot coming to stomp on it. In the next panel, the snake had turned into a large right-wing authoritarian cobra, and the anarchist boot was retreating. Think of how different people would react to this! A leftist would be frightened and outraged (trolled), a moderate would chuckle nervously, a libertarian or ancap would smile knowingly, and an alt-righter would laugh loudly. It’s a piece of propaganda that works on everyone. Good propaganda is like that; it works on everyone in a different way.

To recap, our imperatives are to create alternate spaces that can exert a gravitational pull on the mainstream ones, and produce propaganda that infects the spaces as we leave behind, salting the ground. Conventional political action is also mandatory, of course.