After Trump

In a prior entry, I suggested infiltration of the tech industry and disenfranchisement of non-native elements in the event of a Trump victory. Well, Trump won! So now we need some more short-term goals.

  1. There is a threat of leftist no-platforming, and they’re gonna try to take out our online presence along with everything else. Stevens suggests creating our own online media, under our own control. That’s a good idea, because we can’t control who gets banned on Reddit or Twitter. However, we must not seal ourself off from the mainstream, as I have warned against previously. The correct course of action is to create alternative spaces that are not strictly geared toward the alt-right, but are not hostile to it either. If we control those spaces, and allow them to become intertwined with mainstream sites, we can create a permanent presence in the mainstream.
  2. We have to begin controlling the idiots. Most people are too dumb to understand reason and we don’t need to convince them of anything. What we should do is use propaganda to manipulate them. The memetic attacks used by alt-righters are the most effective strategy. The only thing I have to add is this: instead of bickering over whether to fool the normies with soft propaganda or radicalize those who are suceptible to extreme beliefs, just do all of it! A meme for everybody. A meme to demoralize stupid leftists who are beyond redemption, a meme to paralyze the ones who are useful but can’t be reached yet, a meme to radicalize the moderate, a meme to empower the radical. The attack has to be holistic and address everyone everywhere.
  3. Memetic propaganda should be multi-pronged. That is to say, a good meme will frighten and demoralize leftists, radicalize moderates, and energize radicals to do more work, all in one swoop. For example, I once saw a picture (which I cannot find now) of a Libertarian “Don’t Tread On Me” snake with a big anarchist boot coming to stomp on it. In the next panel, the snake had turned into a large right-wing authoritarian cobra, and the anarchist boot was retreating. Think of how different people would react to this! A leftist would be frightened and outraged (trolled), a moderate would chuckle nervously, a libertarian or ancap would smile knowingly, and an alt-righter would laugh loudly. It’s a piece of propaganda that works on everyone. Good propaganda is like that; it works on everyone in a different way.

To recap, our imperatives are to create alternate spaces that can exert a gravitational pull on the mainstream ones, and produce propaganda that infects the spaces as we leave behind, salting the ground. Conventional political action is also mandatory, of course.

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