Productive Cruelty

Pointless cruelty is destructive, I grant you, but cruelty has its place. “Sometimes, not being cruel is…” One example is what the alt-right commonly calls chutzpah, or the act of condemning one’s opponent for doing something while engaging in the same behavior. In this entry, I want to hit on a related idea, which is being purposefully abusive in order to strangle certain political movements. The process is simple.

  1. “We’re not going to do X. Don’t worry about it. We’d never do that. We’re only going to do W.” W, here, is a more mild version of X.
  2. After W creates a precedent, we proceed to do X, humiliating and confusing our opposition by doing exactly what we said we weren’t going to do.
  3. “Yes, we did X. Why would you not want us to do it? What are you, a Communist? But we’ll never do Z, we promise – instead, we’ll do Y.” Y is a more mild version of Z, of course.
  4. After Y, go ahead and do Z.

An example of this would be to replace W with “immigration restrictions and deportation of criminal illegals,” replace X with “Mass deportation of illegals,” replace Y with “Removal of affirmative action,” and replace Z with “Incentivized removal of non-native groups and overtly preferring the majority.”

Is this slimy and underhanded? Yes – but that’s how you control idiots, and idiots make up most of the population. Rational, reasonable, fair-minded interaction is reserved for the people who are really capable of doing it, and who really deserve it. Hierarchy dictates that we deal with different groups in different ways.

Moreover, the demoralizing and abusive nature of this attack has the effect of confusing the movement in question and causing it to question its own goals and validity. It induces cognitive dissonance to weaken the opposition.

With deference to the first sentence here, I note that this is only abusive in the sense of being abusive toward groups and movements, not toward individuals. The deportations will be done gently. As history shows, committing genocide is an act that tends to come back and bite you in the ass, so let’s not do that. Instead, we shoo away the people we don’t want, and then kindly herd the sheep back into their pastures. They’re happier there anyway.


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