Spiritual Cancer

We’ve seen that “Leftism” (really just the ego) is what tears civilizations apart. This is well-trodden ground, but I can point out an aspect of it that links it to a larger structure.

We know that leftism comes up in a civilization, and slowly rots it from within. This is done by individuals, because leftism came up inside of them, and rotted them from within. The best thing you can do as an individual is to purge the rot within yourself, even more than the rot around you. As I said before, this is well-trodden ground.

But look at things metaphysically for a moment. We can see that the basic tension, the basic contradictions and inadequacies in any system, are those factors that lead to its eventually downfall. The buildup of damage to DNA as cells divide is a big factor in senescence; the cracks in a wall widen until the wall crumbles; Shakespeare’s characters have tragic flaws that eventually destroy them.

Continuing this line of reasoning, I propose that errors “filter upward” through levels. A system as a whole begins to die when the errors in its parts filter into system errors. These errors always rise up through levels until they reach a systemic level where the system dies before the errors can filter up any more. More profound errors lead to more high-level systemic death.

Our civilization is sick, and will die – or transform. The crisis point is always an opportunity as well. Systemic errors are part of the great economy that leads to a higher good.

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