Hit List

This is an important entry. I want everyone reading to look very closely at this list. It’s a hit list, or a list of institutions and ideas that need to be murdered effective immediately, and in this particular order. The first items on the list are the first ones we need to destroy, not necessarily the root causes. Sometimes you can’t get to the root without a little digging. No people, of course, just abstract entities that need to die right-the-fuck now. I welcome commenters to suggest revisions to this; once we get a good list together, we can proceed to begin the slaughter of bad ideas. More importantly, once the list is workable, I’d like to spread it around. Not a central dogma, of course. Just some informal guidelines that a lot of people can follow.

The following five points have a specific plan. The first one opens up the gap that we can rush into, and numbers 2, 3, 4, and 5 correspond to culture, discipline, aristocracy, and transcendence, respectively. Each one is a pillar of our future society.

  1.  Racism. “Bigotry,” “racism,” “sexism,” blah blah blah – these are the main rhetorical tools the Left uses to strangle wise people by making them uncertain of their social position. Granted, a very wise person simply doesn’t care, but many potential wise men are kept stupid by terms like this. So it’s time for the whole complex of concepts here to die. The Left has already done a lot of our work for us
    1. In terms of language, we have to either reclaim the word “racist,” or simply say that it’s not a word. ‘That term has lost all meaning. If you have a legitimate point to make, you can make it without using that term.’
    2. In terms of politics, we have to eliminate affirmative action and disparate impact laws. We need to taunt Trump into doing this.
      (This hit-list item opens up the other ones.)
    3. Don’t worry about sexism/transphobia/etc. Those will lose their bite as soon as racism sinks.
    4. We get rid of this one first to open up the other ones.
  2. Globalism. This one will fall so quickly after racism that it’s almost not worth mentioning. The fall of the concept of racism will immediately be followed by the re-assertion of self-interest, which will destroy the idea of globalism. This corresponds to the pillar of culture.
  3. Hedonism. The destruction of hedonism means, in practical terms, the rejection of “stuff yourself like a cow” as an acceptable life goal and the acceptance of derision for people who embrace hedonism. This is best accomplished by getting your own life in order and leading by example, while communicating some kind of disdain for people who do not do so. This corresponds to the pillar of discipline.
  4. Equality. This is accomplished easily after hedonism is destroyed. This is because, once we have embraced excellence and rejected hedonism, we can easily rank people by their success at becoming excellent. This will fall into place naturally after hedonism is rejected, and corresponds to the pillar of aristocracy.
  5. Materialism. This will fall into place naturally as well, once we reject equality, because we can select the best people and put them in charge. However, in order for it to fall into place, we must stipulate a tendency-toward-transcendence as a condition of being a person we want in charge. This corresponds to the pillar of transcendence.

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